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Provident Fund

Provident fund is voluntarily established by the employer and the employees.

With objectives to:

    • Promote the saving of employees

    • Provide the members and their families the guarantee of future security in case of resignation, retirement, disability, or                 death.

     To build a good relationship between the employer and the employees in order for the employees to feel loyal to the                     organization.

     Employee’s Contribution: The amount that fund member puts into the provident fund upon the salary payment in order to           save up in case of resignation, or retirement.  The contribution rate starts from 2% - 15% of salary.

     Employer’s Contribution: The amount that the employer puts into the provident fund with the employee’s contribution.  The         employer’s contribution is part of the employment welfare given by the employer who has a long-term vision in seeing that         the employees would have a saving amount when not working with the organization.  The employer’s contribution rate must       be more than or equal to the employee’s contribution, but not more than 15% of the salary.

     Benefit of Provident Fund:  Benefit of 1. The employee’s contribution and 2. The employer’s contribution is the last                       provident fund component.  The benefit of provident fund grows from the investment of employer's and employee's

To Employer

     Make employees feel more loyal to the employer, and encourage the workforce to be more efficient and productive.

    Entitled to tax benefit from the contribution to the provident fund which can be used as company expenditure, not more than 15% of the company annual salary expense of that year.

     Reduce company administration works and maximize the benefit from the investment.

To Employee

    Receive higher salary from the employer’s and employee’s contribution.

     Receive higher welfare amount upon resignation or retirement.

     Future security for family in case of disability, or death.

     Opportunity to save more for oneself and family.

     Saving/investment amount is managed by professional.

    • Receive tax benefits from provident fund

    When fund members pay contribution to provident fund, the paid contribution is not filed for taxation.

    Tax allowance of not more than 10,000 Baht.

The amount that exceeds 10,000 Baht, but not more than 15% of salary, but not more than 490,000 Baht, in total of              500,000 Baht.

    Upon Resignation, the amount to be calculated for tax comprises of 3 parts as follow:

    1. Benefit of employee’s contribution

    2. Employer’s contribution

    3. Benefit of employer’s contribution

    In case of the employee has at least 5 years of service, the amount received upon resignation is tax deductible in two       part as follow:

            Part 1  : Deductible = 7,000 x Years of Service

            Part 2  : 50% of the remaining amount

    The total provident fund amount is tax exempted upon resignation in case of:

    Retirement and 

            alt At least 5 years of membership

            alt Age of at least 55 years or older (Depending on the retirement age mentioned in the fund regulation)


    • Death

      For 34 years, the customers are confident and trust MFC to be the provident fund manager.  MFC realizes a great responsibility given to the asset management company which is to manage the fund, and consistently gives good return at an acceptable risk.

    •  Provident Fund Asset Under Management is 152 Billion Baht, and there are 352,355 provident fund members (As of December 31, 2018.  MFC strives to continually develop various provident fund aspects in order to be efficient with prompt, accurate, and modern work system.  At the same time, MFC reinforces the ability and experience in provident fund management of the team work in order to well serve the expansion of provident fund business.
  The capability and experience

     MFC is the first asset management company in Thailand to be granted a license in asset management by the Ministry of Finance.  Established in March 18, 1975, MFC has 43 years in asset management, and consistently has a good standing of performance throughout the 34 years in provident fund management business.

     MFC personnel comprise of the industry experts in fund management with in depth knowledge, ability and long experiences.


    • The government owns more than 41% of share holding as follow:

       1. The Ministry of Finance

2. The Government Saving Bank. 

Timeliness and flexibility in service

    MFC is operated by an experienced teams of specialized experts who work in synchronicity with a support of efficient computer and software system.

    Provident Fund Management system using efficient computer and software system.

    MFC gives a priority on the quality of investment management process and team work under a strict professional ethics.

     Give advice, guide line, and accommodation in provident fund set up or transfer. 

    • Give advice, guide line, and accommodation in provident fund aspects to fund committee and members.

    • Manage provident fund to have maximum benefit at an acceptable risk level, in accordance with regulations, law, and fund committee’s policy.  

     Prepare report on fund member details, the employer details, and fund asset allocation. 

    • Prepare monthly report of resigned members with cheque, and send with holding income tax to the revenue department. 

     Prepare summary report of employee’s contribution, employer’s contribution and benefits for individual fund member every 6 months.

    •Prepare documents and place to accommodate the provident fund auditor.

    Deliver financial statement certified by the auditor, and provident fund member meeting report to the provident fund registrar



MFC offers choices of provident fund Master fund catered to various companies who wish to join the same fund under the same investment policy and benefit from shared expense such as auditor fee, and custodian fee.  Sharing the pool fund, the company has a better opportunity to receive high return due to the advantage in bigger fund size and better risk diversification.  In addition, MFC Master Fund accommodates employee’s choice for provident fund members.  MFC offers many investment policies for fund members to choose from in order to respond to thier investment needs which are different according to various fund members' investment requirement criteria.  Fund members, therefore, can choose their own investment policies.  In addition, MFC allows fund members to swich investment policies via MFC's website (WWW.MFCFUND.COM), and determine asset allocation according to each's ability to take investment risks (Do It Your Self: DIY).

MFC Master Fund 

• Fund Name : The registered MFC Master Provident Fund
• Fund Type : Various Investment Policies (Sub Fund)
• Risk Level : According to investment policy from low risk - high risk
Sub Fund 1 : Low Risk Account deposit, Treasury Bill, Government Bond and State Enterprise Bond
Sub Fund 2 : Low Risk Account deposit, Treasury Bill, Government Bond, State Enterprise Bond, and Debenture
Sub Fund 3 : High Risk Account deposit, Treasury Bill, Government Bond, State Enterprise Bond, Debenture, and Equity (0-100%)
Sub Fund 4 : Low Risk Fund of Fund Policy: invests in unit trust of MFC’s Short-term Fixed Income Mutual Fund
Sub Fund 5 :  Rather High Risk Fund of Fund Policy: invests in unit trust of MFC’s Global Fixed Income Mutual Fund
Sub Fund 6 : High Risk Fund of Fund Policy: invests in unit trust of MFC’s Global Equity Mutual Fund
Sub Fund 7 : High Risk Fund of Fund Policy: invests in unit trust of MFC’s I-Gold Mutual Fund
Sub Fund 8 : High Risk Fund of Fund Policy: invests in unit trust of MFC’s Islamic Mutual Fund (MIF)

 Sub Fund 9 : High Risk  Fund of Fund Policy : invest in Property unit trust of MFC' M-Prop Div (Unit Trust)

Achievement and Fund Award Received

MFC Master Fund is a winnner of the best of Pooled Fund Award of the year, the award is presented by H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in 2012 and 2014 respectively.


For additional information, please contact Provident Fund Marketing Department

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 Fax 0-2649-2202

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