Service MFC

1.  Mutual Funds
  The Company was granted a fund management license from the Ministry of Finance on 29 December 1975 (License No. 103/2518) for managing all type of funds including the property funds under supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

2.  Provident Funds 
The Company was granted a license from the Ministry of Finance to manage provident funds under the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 162 (B.E. 2526) in 1984 and has been under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company serves a duty of managing the funds and monitoring a membership registration system to serve various clients, including state enterprises, private sectors, educational institutions and co-operatives aimed for the best satisfactory of the fund members and the fund committees. Subject to the acceptable investment risk levels, the Company provides various types of the funds in order to approach to the client’s needs. Additionally, the Company also provides advisory services on fund establishment, fund transfer (in case of transition of fund manager), setting fund regulations, fund registration services and documentary tasks pursuant to the agreements and regulations of laws or registrars.

3. Private Funds
The Company was granted a “private fund management license” from the Ministry of Finance on 15th March 1997 with the main purpose on expanding various forms of service for the investors. The private fund is a tailor-made fund in order to meet requirement of each customer including but not limited to natural persons, juristic persons, either Thai or foreign.

4. Securities Registrar 
The Company was granted to serve as a securities registrar from the Ministry of Finance in 1982 and from the SEC in 1993. The Company performs as registrar for both domestic and international funds which are under the company’s management as the fund manager. Currently, The Company has been a registrar for 110
mutual funds and for 33 provident funds.

5.  Property Fund, Infrastructure Fund and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
- Raising Fund for investment in quality property and infrastructure project 
- Setting up Property Fund, Infrastructure Fund and REITs
- Advising for property and infrastructure project to public and private sector
- Managing property fund and infrastructure fund
    • MFC Property Fund Portfolio
             alt MNIT (MFC-Nichada Thani Property Fund)
             alt MNRF (Multi-National Residence Fund)
             alt MNIT2 (Nichada Thani Property Fund 2)
             alt M-STOR (MFC-Strategic Storage Fund)
             alt M-AAA (MFC Amazing A-la Andaman Property Fund)
             alt M-II (MFC Industrial Investment Property and Leasehold Fund)

Financial Advisory Work

 1. Capital Raising - Advise clients with a variety of private capital needs: venture growth capital, project equity, pre-IPO equity, co-investment syndication, mezzanine debt and etc. 

2. Debt Restructuring - Develop debt restructuring strategy and debt refinancing
3. Firm Valuation - Analysis business and industry and prepare financial model to evaluate of firm or equity value 
4. Merger & Acquisition - Due diligence process, evaluation of firm value, acquisition strategy for both buyer side and seller side and identify Joint-Venture/strategic partner
5. Project Finance - Prepare Information Memorandum (IM), feasibility study and syndicate loan and loan arrangement
6. Financial Advisory - General corporate finance advisory services  

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