Mutual Fund

         Mutual Fund is an investment vehicle for retail investors who wish to invest in the capital markets but have limitations that prevent them from investing on their own and reaching their investment goals, such limitations include · Limited monetary resources cannot diversify investment into various securities in order to reduce investment risks or · Lack of experience, knowledge and expertise or · Lack of time to study, research and monitor information in making investment decisions          Therefore, Mutual Funds are an efficient investment tool with systematic investment management, with the aim to achieve the best returns within the risk parameters that the investor can accept.

Fixed income fund
Mainly invest in fixed income instruments such as cash deposits, bonds or debentures. The emphasis is on lower risk and regular coupon payments.
Capital protected fund
Objective is capital preservation; return need not be very high through investment in low risk fixed income instruments.
Foreign Investment Fund (FIF)
Invests in foreign securities, both equity and fixed income, to diversify risk.
Fund of funds
A mutual fund that invests in other funds to achieve the returns as stated in the investment policy.
Equity fund
Invest no less than 65 % in equities, high risk but there is opportunity to receive high returns as well
Guaranteed fund
Worry-free investment as the guarantor guarantees against risk as stated in the investment terms and conditions.
Property fund
Invest in real estate, such as houses, condominiums, office buildings and retail space, whereby investors can become real estate owners and have the opportunity to receive returns from such assets.
Retirement Mutual fund (RMF)
Long term savings-like investment for retirement with tax benefits each year that you buy RMF up to 15% of annual income or no more than 500,000 Baht. Redemption at 55 years of age.
Mixed fund
Invest in both fixed income and equity with portions adjusted to suit market conditions to reduce risk.
Money market fund
Invest in money market instruments of less than 1 year, low risk but provides opportunity to receive higher returns that deposit rates.
Index fund
The portfolio is constructed to match or track the components of a market index such as the SET Index or SET50.
Long term equity fund (LTF)
Mainly invests in equity with tax benefits each year that you buy LTF up to 15% of annual income or no more than 500,000 Baht. You must invest for a period of 5 calendar years.
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
Open-ended fund listed on the Stock Exchange. Investors may trade units through brokers as with stocks.
1. Managed by professionals meaning the asset management company or “manager” which has fund managers with knowledge and experience, who are able to analyze the market as well as plan investments according to the objectives and investment policy of each fund. 2. Diversification of risk the fund manager will invest in various types of securities to diversify and reduce investment risks. 3. Liquidity investors can convert their units to cash by redeeming units with the asset management company or through the stock exchange (as the case maybe) 4. Investment Choices as each mutual fund has a specific investment policy, investors are able to choose the fund that best suits their investment goals and preferences 5. Investor Protection the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) determines the rules and regulations for the asset management business as well as regulations on information disclosure so that investors can make informed decisions and to ensure fairness.
Capability & Experience
    - MFC was the first company to receive a license from the Ministry of Finance to operate as an asset management company since 1975, equaling more than 34 years in the industry
    - MFC personnel are professionals with knowledge, capabilities and long experience
    - Major shareholders are the Ministry of Finance and the Government Savings Bank, totaling 41% of shares outstanding
Service Convenience
    - MFC has experienced personnel with various expertise, each department is run systematically utilizing state of the art technology for efficient, prompt and accurate service
Investment Management Policy
    - MFC emphasizes quality of our investment process and teamwork, under strict compliance with ethics
Mutual Fund Variety
    - MFC has set up various funds that meet each investors’ investment needs, our funds are differentiated by investment policies and risk level, we have funds for every investors
- Provide investment advice to both individual and institutional investors
- Provide convenience in subscription/redemption of units of our funds through the following channels:
    - MFC and branches
    - Post